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Why Avo?

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Avo literally means 'welcome' in our family's language, and we are set apart from other hotels by our exceptional service, because we want to ensure you have a stay to remember.  Independently owned and operated, Avo Hotel sets its standards of service beyond the levels of large chain hotels.We take great pride in being an ethical and environmentally friendly company and proudly support the local businesses and community.  

Our optional breakfast is vegetarian-friendly, with vegan and gluten-free options available for coeliacs on request.  We believe that this extra thought helps us provide a better service to our customers and also helps improve sustainability for the environment.  We also have a tapwater refilling station and are proud to support, a not-for-profit organisation which highlights tapwater availability and provides sustainable water for educational establishments. 

If you are out and about, click here or use their iPhone app to find the nearest place to fill up your Avo re-useable bottle for free.  

In addition, our Hackney location is special; perfect for travelling around London, but also unique in its own right.  According to The Guardian newspaper, "Hackney is the cultural heart of London."  We're proud to say that our fashionable and up-and-coming area of London was the backyard of the 2012 Summer Olympics. 

Whatever we can do to enhance your stay, we will.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or ideas for how we can improve even further. 

 (And if you'd like to hear what esteemed poet and OBE-offered holder of 17 doctorates, Benjamin Zephaniah, said about his stay at the Avo Hotel, please check out the video below!)